Bad Kid Wonderland Brain: A Poem About ADHD

Katey Ferreira
2 min readMay 12, 2021
Abstracted neon light in yellow, blue, red, and purple
Photo by 🇻🇪 Jose G. Ortega Castro 🇲🇽 on Unsplash

Colored outside the lines again


On black and white rules

Can’t get it right


Judges say it’s easy

Just try — Don’t be lazy

And I’m like

Oh my god — Stop


Easy just and lazy

Those four-letter

Ableist curses


I’ve heard ADHD

Called invisible — That’s funny

Cuz my sins pull focus


Too much — Too loud — Can’t keep up

She’s a mess

Branded bad kid

Out of line

She’s not even trying


Textbook symptoms can’t keep quiet

Flashing yellow — Caution

Don’t play with her

Take warning


And I’m like — Please — Stop

I heard you — It hurts


Thin skin

Bruised blue


Like last-minute homework

I’m returned — Rejected

Scarred in red pen



Alone on the gallows

Lit yellow — blue — red


Facing judges — always — again

All lined up — Armed

In matching black and white

Dressed to kill



Burn that script

Blood dried

I’m done


I won’t plead

This time

I’m telling you

Keep your noose off my neck

Look — Reflect


Here — I brought us a mirror



Meet yourselves

Cold-eyed and captive

Gripping skeleton keys

To self-made cages

White and black looking back

All wearing tragedy’s mask


And me


I’m gone like Alice

Chasing bright magic chaos

Primary colors — Wonderland brain

All options — No lines needed



While you met your own

White wigs — black robes and masks

I escaped through the glass

I wrote this piece for Vocal Media’s Color is Pride: True Colors challenge (supported by Moleskine). The prompt was to submit a poem about something that makes you unique, no matter how big or small, inspired by the idea of color.

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